Welcome to the project “Reggedal” !

River Regge from above pure nature beaty!

Sind I live in Nijverdal ( January 2018 ) it was clear that I would fall in love in small river Regge, so much that I wil make whole photo story and share with you. I will add maps with gps tracks to download, with all possible tips to get inspired to go outside and enjoy nature and fresh air!

The source of the river is situated southwest of the village of Diepenheim, from where its flows northwards towards the river Vecht over a length of approximately 50 km. Near the town of Ommen it joins the river Vecht.

Historically the river was a free flowing shallow lowland river which meandered through a landscape containing marshes, wet meadows and sandy levees. To facilitate shipping towards the Lake Ijsselmeer, from 1848 on the river was straightened by cutting of meanders and the river channel was deepened and widened. Dams were built to be able to better regulate flow and the floodplain was embanked to protect the adjacent lands from flooding. In 1935 the river was almost completely channelized, reducing its length from roughly 70 km to 50 km. Most old meanders in the (former) floodplain were filled up to make room for agriculture. As a consequence, natural flow dynamics and with that its associated morphological processes were lost and current velocity decreased substantially. Biota characteristic of lowland rivers and natural floodplains disappeared almost completely. ( source reformerivers.eu )

In 1998 a re-naturalisation plan for the entire river, the ‘Reggevisie’ was launched by the local water authorities (Waterboard Vechtstromen, formerly Regge en Dinkel) which aimed at: (i) reintroducing river dynamics, (ii) creating more space for water buffering during peak discharges, and (iii) to facilitate nature development in the floodplain of the river. Another goal was: (iv) to make the river more attractive from a recreation perspective.  ( source reformerivers.eu )

Where to start this series of photographs?

For sure by place 10 minutes walk from my home!

1. Regge between Nijverdal and Langoed Schuilenburg! 

 52.38422, 6.46568

52.38278, 6.46448

 52.38529, 6.46366

 52.38944, 6.46247

 52.39356, 6.46594

 52.39974, 6.47088

 52.39530, 6.47060

2. Regge between  Schuilenburg and Archem

52.41095, 6.47167

52.41334, 6.46789

52.4168, 6.4693

52.4149, 6.4716

52.41741, 6.46552

52.42396, 6.46339

52.4222, 6.4630

52.4384, 6.4425

52.4412, 6.4400

52.4436, 6.4393

3. Regge between Nijverdal and Enter ! 

52.33154, 6.51189

52.32923, 6.51686

52.33750, 6.51040

52.33233, 6.51014

5. Regge close to Ommen

52.5097, 6.3958